It isn’t your fault

I’m working like mad at the moment getting the Headspace Guildford groups organised for the end of August. These groups are designed to help children and young people who might be nervous about going back to school in September or struggling with anxiety more generally. Groups are always so much fun and full of energy […]

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Finding our way

Creating a roadmap with the help of our BAME internships. The week that George Floyd was killed I was half way through the book ‘Biased’ By Jennifer Eberhart. In this book she catalogues the research she has done into bias, particularly focusing on the way the police respond to African Americans and other people of […]

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Anxiety groups at Headspace Guildford

I read somewhere that we’ll remember this year for the rest of our lives. It’s been a rollercoaster of a time since Covid really started making an impact on our lives and it will be sometime yet to come before we can make sense of all this. But in the midst of this, life is […]

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Managing anxiety post-lockdown

From the children and young people we are talking to at Headspace Guildford, we know that there is a fair amount of anxiety out there about recommencing activities we’ve been prevented from doing for so long. For some people lockdown has been a helpful way to withdraw from anxiety provoking activities (which can include school, […]

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How worries spiral

This picture was on a train advert and I thought it was spot on. This is so often what happens in our head. One thought pops into our head, from the way we’ve interpreted a situation or as a result of another thought. And suddenly we’re spiralling. One thought leads to another, to another, to […]

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The best and the worst of us

Let’s face it, there are some pretty tough things happening at the moment. There’s a killer virus, people have died, the economy is struggling and we don’t know what the future holds. There are also the smaller tough things which are hard to bear, the queues at the supermarket, the schools closed, summer holidays cancelled. […]

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Hold on…

I find that some days during lockdown are good, some even wonderful. To be at home, in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, with my family, is about as good as it gets. Work has been busy and stimulating and I have learnt a great deal. There are certainly silver linings to this dark cloud. Then […]

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Ways to help big feelings

This week’s blog is guest written by one of our young people, Evelyn who is in Primary school. This is what she has to say: At the moment I have been feeling a bit upset and cross because of Coronavirus. I can’t see my friends and I am getting fed up of zoom. I get […]

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Gratitude or Causal everyday magic

Today’s blog is about finding things to be grateful for, whatever situation we find ourselves in. It has been expertly written by Phoebe Crook, Assistant Psychologist at Headspace Guildford. Following on from last week’s blog post about looking after yourself, I wanted to focus on casual everyday magic. I cannot remember exactly where I came […]

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Lockdown Patience

Today’s blog has been written by Phoebe Crook, Assistant Psychologist at Headspace Guildford. It’s about Patience during lockdown but will be just as relevant in the times beyond lockdown too. Stuck at home with your children and feeling frustrated? Is lockdown making you lose patience? This week we will focus on patience and how you […]

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