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August 2020: Managing anxiety after lockdown

Going back to school in September might be scary for young people, especially considering the lengthy period that some children have been away from school and given concerns from children, parents and staff alike about the coronavirus pandemic.

Headspace Guildford is offering a one-off group session to help children and young people who may be nervous and anxious about returning to school. This group has specifically been designed to help children and young people understand and manage the anxiety that might arise when they are going back to school in September.

Young people will first learn about anxiety, including how anxiety presents and what the function of anxiety is. The second part of the session will teach young people strategies to learn and cope with anxiety. These will involve relaxation strategies and breathing techniques. The session will be a combination of psychoeducation by our Clinical Psychologist and interactive activities which will include group exercises. 

There will be groups for children aged 8-11 and groups for 12-15-year olds. We are hoping to run both an in-person group and a virtual group, for both age ranges, depending on response. The session will be adapted according to the age ranges and parents will play a more active part in the younger children’s group.  

  • Face to face ages 8-11 on Wednesday 26th August at 09.30-11.30am
  • Face to face ages 12-15 on Wednesday 26th August at 1.30-3.30pm
  • Virtual ages 8-11 on Friday 28th August at 09.30-11.30am
  • Virtual ages 12-15 on Friday 28th August at 1.30-3.30pm

The virtual sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

The cost of the group is £58 per child for virtual sessions and £65 for face to face. There will be a sibling discount, with two children being £110 (virtual) and £120 (f2f).

To register your interest or if you have any further questions then please contact Phoebe Crook (Assistant Psychologist) on

From an evaluation of a recent group, parents said they were very likely to recommend these groups to young people and other parents. They felt their children were warmly welcome, enjoyed the activities and found it helpful for coping with their difficulties. Young people said the groups were ‘helpful’, ‘fun’ and they enjoyed the tasks & activities.

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