The information we use

Headspace Guildford holds and processes information about parents and children in order to carry out its service. This includes basic information like names and addresses and sensitive information you have shared with us like the challenges your family is currently facing or anything you might have coped with in the past. We take our responsibilities very seriously and store and process this information very carefully. Information is locked away and only Psychologists have access to it. We hardly ever share information without your consent (and when we do share without consent it is only ever because there is a risk or safeguarding issue or because to not share would be detrimental).

Privacy notice 2018

Lots of parents use email to communicate with us and find it very convenient and helpful. If you are emailing us for the first time please state that you consent to communicate via email in the first instance. It is likely that our conversations via email will contain sensitive information and we cannot guarantee the security as email conversations are stored on servers and information is passed between servicers (yours and ours). The new data protection regulations (GDPR) require an active opting-in and therefore your consent to communicate in this way cannot be assumed.

You may well be aware of the new data protection legislation which came online in May 2018 (the much discussed ‘GDPR’). We’ve been thinking lots about this at Headspace Guildford.

This is a work in progress, so watch this space as we update as the GDPR comes into force and more information becomes available.

Please do contact us if you have any questions about the information we hold and what we do with it if you come to get support from us.

How do I request access to my own medical records?

FOI excludes requests for personal information. An individual’s access to their patient records/clinical information is still covered by the Data Protection Act for which different procedures apply.

If you would like to request a copy of your own records held by Headspace Guildford, or to request access to patient records as a parent of a child, please complete the Application for Access to Health Records.Application-for-Access-to-Health-Records

Once complete, please return the form to:

Dr Ellie Atkins

Headspace Guildford

c/o 9 Pennings Avenue