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It’s nice to be nice

I don’t mean to sound wet (or like I have a limited vocabulary) but really, it is nice just to be nice. In fact, it’s more than nice – it’s really important if you care about people and their emotional health and well-being. Today, when I was driving, I was waiting behind a parked car […]

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Shark music (or why managing emotional situations is so hard)

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve been with someone who is upset and you end up feeling pretty rubbish yourself. By ‘upset’ here I mean angry, sad, anxious, fearful, cross and a whole range of other emotions. Whenever we face an emotional situation we can struggle to manage our own feelings. We […]

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Inside out?

I have a quote on the wall in my office. It says “nobody’s got it all figured out”. I like it very much because it gives me comfort when I haven’t got a clue what to do or when I’m feeling bad. The truth is, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. Neither does […]

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Pay it forward

We talk a lot about interventions to improve people’s mental health. At Headspace Guildford we see lots of people struggling with their mental health. Here’s an intervention you don’t need a doctorate to administer. Once I was in a cold car park in the rain (bear with me…). Armed with my bank card and my […]

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A little more kindness in the world…

…would go a long way. Mostly, people are just trying to make their way in the world. Nobody’s got it all figured out. People mess up and don’t always get things right, but their actions are rarely actively malevolent. So if we want to make the world a better place here are some things we […]

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Am I going crazy? Thoughts for tough days

Sometimes life feels pretty difficult. With all that going on it can feel like you are going crazy. Sometimes when people feel really low they might be thinking about or have already hurt themselves. Or perhaps having difficulties with eating or thoughts about food. Or perhaps not being able to sleep. All of these things […]

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Self Care: Permission to be nice to yourself

Self care sometimes gets ignored as fluffy mumbo jumbo, or else just seems a little too self indulgent when you’ve got so much other stuff going on. However looking after yourself is crucial if you want to be happy, successful and be nice to others. Plus, it’s just nice to be nice to yourself. Now, […]

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Crawl if you have to…

One of my friends is having a tough time at the moment. It’s something I can’t change. I can’t make the situation any easier for her. And she is just having to endure it. It feels horrible for her and I am struggling to know how to best help her. One of the things I’ve […]

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Savouring the little things: A day in the life of a parent

You are woken at 5am. You manage to settle your little one and crawl back to bed. It’s getting light and you can’t sleep. You sit up in bed and go through email on your phone until it’s time to get up and shower before the children are awake and meeting any of your own […]

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Would I still be me? Language and Difficult experiences

Recently one of the young people I see here at Headspace Guildford asked me ‘Would I still be me if I grew up speaking a different language?” It’s a really good question. What is the essence of us? What makes us who we are, with all the joys and struggles we experience on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly […]

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