When anxiety is bothering you…

Today’s blog is written by Assistant Psychologist Gabby Donaldson. We have now done one week of our second national lockdown. For some, this lockdown may not have made much of a difference to daily life. You may still be going to school, going into work or continuing to work from home. But, for others, thisContinue reading “When anxiety is bothering you…”

Look for rainbows

This week’s blog was written by Headspace Guildford’s fantastic Assistant Psychologist, Gabby Donaldson. It’s so brilliant because it reminds me of the rainbows that went up in everyone’s windows the first time we went into lockdown. So read on for ways to use strategies or find hope in difficult times. ‘When it rains, look forContinue reading “Look for rainbows”

Being kind because we’re part of something bigger

Last week I was talking about being kind. For that post I focused on the benefits to you. Today I want to continue to bang on about being kind, because of the benefits to others as well as to you. Maya Angelo once said ‘be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’. She talked about howContinue reading “Being kind because we’re part of something bigger”