Pre & Post-Natal Support

Becoming a new parent can be an amazing experience but it is also immensely challenging. From the moment you find out about the pregnancy you may have very mixed feelings about the baby. And, even if you are really excited about your new baby there are still many new experiences to navigate. Sometimes having a space to explore these challenges and consider the options can help parents to feel less overwhelmed and more in control. I offer support to new parents, from before their baby comes and onwards once they begin their journey with their child.

These challenges exist both for mothers and fathers, but sometimes it can be difficult for fathers to express how they are feeling. Having some ‘headspace’ can be as helpful for dads as it can be for new mums, so I can see either mum/mums, or dad/dads singly or both of you together, depending on your needs. I am happy to see you with your baby, and age-appropriate toys are available for any babies wanting to play whilst we talk.

  • Feelings about pregnancy and getting your head around the impending arrival
  • Pregnancy after loss of a baby
  • Making space for a baby in your life
  • Dealing with anxiety in pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting
  • Talking through decisions about care of your baby
  • Helping parents think about and manage
    • Constant crying
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Feeding difficulties
  • Changes in identity
  • Changes in couple relationship
  • Anxieties and fears about your baby
  • Managing behaviour
  • Laying a firm emotional foundation
  • Helping your little one to manage their strong feelings (emotional regulation)
  • Understanding development
  • Processing a traumatic birth experience
  • Parenting strategies
  • Making parenting decisions
  • Attachment and attachment difficulties
  • Separation anxiety
  • Mindfulness and/or relaxation techniques for pregnancy

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