Looking after ourselves

Why is it always the way that when we need to look after ourselves the most, that’s the time when we’re least able to do it. When we are really busy and under pressure a bit of self-care would go a long way. But because we’re stressed and rushed we aren’t able to think or to put ourselves first. In actual fact we very literally aren’t able to think, because when we’re stressed we have less access to think frontal cortex area of our bring which does the thinking things through, planning and organisation. Our brain can get into survival mode and it doesn’t’ do so much good quality thinking then.

So sometimes we might need a little help to get our brains back on track and to look after ourselves. I found this brilliant infographic from the Anna Freud Centre who do some great work on Mental health and I though at this crazy busy time around Christmas where we’re all just trying to make it through until the holidays, that this might be helpful for us all to remember.

Take care this Yuletide.

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