Ways to help big feelings

This week’s blog is guest written by one of our young people, Evelyn who is in Primary school. This is what she has to say:

At the moment I have been feeling a bit upset and cross because of Coronavirus. I can’t see my friends and I am getting fed up of zoom. I get annoyed about having to work at home but I like it when I can go into key worker school which I do some days.

But those feelings like upset and cross stay inside me unless I do something about them. Otherwise I’m just sad which makes it feel worse or angry which makes everyone else angry too.

So, if you get cross or angry or really upset then I have a few simple strategies to help you calm down. You can try all of them, but afterwards if you think one of them is best for you then carry on using that one. You can use all of them if you want to but I tend to use one at a time most of the time.

  1. Reading – this really calms me down
  2. Stretching – this is good because it gives your body some nice feelings and can get those difficult feelings out
  3. Just lying down will work too.

If you can’t do one of these things (maybe it’s during dinner or something) you could

  1. Do the finger pull (where you lock your fingers together and then try and pull them apart
  2. Palm push – push your flat hands into each other
  3. Take a deep breath.
  4. Pretend you are blowing bubbles (or if you have some , go outside and really blow some bubbles).

Remember, everyone gets these feelings sometimes (even grown ups) and you’ll all have to use some strategies at some point. Try some of these and see if they help you. Or even, invent your own and let us know (here) what they are.

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