Am I going crazy? Thoughts for tough days

Sometimes life feels pretty difficult.

With all that going on it can feel like you are going crazy.

Sometimes when people feel really low they might be thinking about or have already hurt themselves. Or perhaps having difficulties with eating or thoughts about food. Or perhaps not being able to sleep. All of these things can make us feel even more like we are going crazy.

Then we can get into that vicious cycle where we worry that we’re crazy/weird/a complete loser, adding just one more thing to our pile of woe.

So, let’s get one thing straight.

You are not going crazy. You’re not.

You are having a hard time. Life sometimes is hard. At best it can be a bumpy ride. At worst it can be crashing lows that feel like you’ll never be happy again. Everyone goes through tough times at some point and everyone has times they wish it was all over and other times when they feel like they are coping ok. And we’re all different we deal with things differently and generally we just show one face to the world, so we often don’t know what is going on inside other people, how they are feeling or if they think they’re going crazy).

Just for the record you aren’t a loser or weird either.

You’re having a hard time. You are not alone. You will get through this (see my post ‘just keep crawling’).

Worrying about symptoms we are having is very common and often makes our problems worse.  At Headspace Guildford I often see children and parents who think they are the only ones, or that they’re weird or that what they are going through is not normal. Really, we should be teaching about mental health in schools in the way we teach about physical health (how it all works, eating right, doing exercise etc). That way we could head off a lot of  issues and just get down to dealing with whatever is bothering us.

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