Managing anxiety post-lockdown

From the children and young people we are talking to at Headspace Guildford, we know that there is a fair amount of anxiety out there about recommencing activities we’ve been prevented from doing for so long. For some people lockdown has been a helpful way to withdraw from anxiety provoking activities (which can include school, clubs, friends etc). For others they love these things but are nervous about re-establishing them after a break.

Here are some top tips:

  1. It’s normal to feel nervous about new things or retuning to things after a break. (but it’s ok if you’re not nervous – we all have different things we’re scared of!)
  2. Knowing what anxiety does to you will help you spot it – does it make your heart race? Do you feel sick? Do you start talking lots? Do you get figitiy? Or quiet?
  3. Remember a time when you were nervous about starting something new (e.g. last time you changed schools, starting a new club, doing a test or exam). How did you deal with that?

At Headspace Guildford we realise how tough this stuff can be for parents and children to navigate so we’re running a group to offer some understanding about anxiety and some strategies to not let it bully you. Do come if you can. Info about the group is here.

Good luck -remember, it all starts with one breath, and putting one foot in front of the other. You can do it!

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