Being kind because we’re part of something bigger

Last week I was talking about being kind. For that post I focused on the benefits to you. Today I want to continue to bang on about being kind, because of the benefits to others as well as to you. Maya Angelo once said ‘be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’. She talked about how […]

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Being kind is good for you

Last week I talked about managing uncertainty by sitting with it. This week I want to think about a different skill which I think is more important than ever in these times. In the time I’ve been working in mental health there has certainly been a shift in public and media attitudes. There is now […]

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Managing uncertainty

Let’s face it. This hasn’t been the easiest of years. Even if you loved lockdown or have welcomed the chance to be at home more, the challenges have been many. The constant changes and the uncertainty of the situation have been significant for many people in all of this. And, they continue to be significant. […]

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School anxiety

It’s often around this time, two or three weeks into the school term, that you start to notice some signs. Having skipped in happily for the first few days, some children start to drag their feet, complain of tummy aches or cling to you at the gate. Sometimes it shows in a different way – […]

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Talking and listening to young people

It’s everywhere isn’t it? The newspapers, the TV, Social media. Everyone is talking about the return to school. Everyone is talking about what that might mean for young people (who have had so long away from school) and what it might mean for the country (in terms of infection rates). Honestly, with all these adults […]

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Last few places at our anxiety group

At Headspace Guildford we are running some anxiety groups next week (face to face and online versions). We’ve got just a few spaces left so if you, or a child/young person you know gets nervous sometimes, feels worried, gets anxious or is scared about going back to school, worried about coronavirus or about anything really, […]

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Nervous about coming to Headspace Guildford?

Here is some advice from another child who has been to Headspace Guildford and worked with Ellie. ‘Before coming to Headspace I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. My Mum and Dad really wanted me to go, but I wasn’t so sure. But after my first visit I couldn’t wait to […]

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Black Lives Matter at Headspace Guildford

This post is jointly written by Jemima Onih and Dr Ellie Atkins as part of the work we are doing as a practice to be more thoughtful and inclusive. We have taken our time to produce this as we were keen not to be tokenistic or write something which did not mean anything beyond the […]

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It isn’t your fault

I’m working like mad at the moment getting the Headspace Guildford groups organised for the end of August. These groups are designed to help children and young people who might be nervous about going back to school in September or struggling with anxiety more generally. Groups are always so much fun and full of energy […]

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Finding our way

Creating a roadmap with the help of our BAME internships. The week that George Floyd was killed I was half way through the book ‘Biased’ By Jennifer Eberhart. In this book she catalogues the research she has done into bias, particularly focusing on the way the police respond to African Americans and other people of […]

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